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A selection of short video clips of various paintings in progress as Brian Keeler explains about aspects of each painting, such as color, subject, history, drawing, perspective and light quality.

St Angelo Rome

St Angelo Part 2

This 12 min video- shows the final touches being applied and penultimate considerations of the oil painting of the view of Castle St Angelo, along the Tiber River in Rome. You can see the very short video of the beginning of this work on location in Rome elsewhere on this site. At the end of this clip I show the beginning stages of another painting, which also includes scullers- but this one depicts Cayuga Lake in Ithaca, NY.

Castle San'Angelo with Tiber River Sunset

St Angelo Sunset #2

St Angelo Sunset #3

Serena 1 - Starting an oil

The beginning stages and considerations for painting the female nude in oil. The drawing is blocked in on a 36" x 40" piece of linen- with a warm tone.

Serena #2

A figure painting in progress.

Serena #3 - Figure Painting

Massing the darks, and unifying the dark values throughout the painting. This figure painting of the female nude continues to develop here

Serena #4 - Figure Painting

Intermediary stage of the oil painting of the female figure- Working on the mid-tones during this demo. Considering the pyramidal or triangular composition. Paint quality and dry brush application is discussed.

Serena #5 - Final stage of Figure Painting

In this final video segment I arrive at the light areas, which in this work is the side of the model's head and her knees where the Umbrian morning light is striking. The purpose here is to bring the form to more resolution by applying the color in short cross-hatched strokes to develop form and soften edges, while articulating shape.

Cayuga #1

Cayuga Lake - Stage One. An oil painting of the scullers at the boat club in Stewart Park in Ithaca, NY - The drawing done on a toned canvas.

Cayuga #2

Cayuga Lake View of the Scullers - Brian Keeler paints the warm afternoon light of July. He discusses color theory, paint and perspective in this video

Cayuga Lake #3

Cayuga Lake painting - 3rd segment. This 13 minute video shows Brian Keeler discussing the progress and painting some of the details of this view of boaters on the inlet at Stewart Park in Ithaca, NY.

San Gimignano #1

The first stage of an oil landscape near the Tuscan town of San Gimignano in central Italy. The clouds and sky are predominant here, but they are altered significantly in subsequent sessions.

San Gimingnano #2

San Gimignano #3

The San Gimignano painting - Now in this 10 min video, continuing back in my studio in Wyalusing, PA, more adjustments and alterations to the oil painting are made. Here I work on the sfumato effect of the mountains and aerial perspective, while articulating the cloud shadows.

San Gimignano #4

The final video clip of the San Gimignano painting in progress. In this 10 minute clip I work on the clouds mostly, and explain about accentuating the way they are organized into three levels within a perspective system.

Giardino Perugia

A video review of an informal exhibition in the Giardino (Garden) or an enoteca (wine shop) on Via Garibaldi in Perugia on May 26, 2011. I speak casually with Federica Vizzotto, director of Language Cities, who organized the show. Then I lead a short tour around the giardino as I explain about these alla prima oils -they are semi-finished studies all done on location in Umbria and Tuscany.

Blue Heron Demo Video #1

Blue Heron Gallery portrait demos - Dec 17, 2010 in Wyalusing, PA. In this video William Benson of Ithaca, NY and Brian Keeler of Wyalusing, PA work on oil portraits and explain some of their process. The model is Joseph Burinsky of Hazleton, PA. The videographer was Hall Groat II, an art faculty member at Broome Community College in Binghamton, NY.

Blue Heron - Portrait of Frank

Blue Heron Portrait demos - Friday April 29, 2011. Brian Keeler applying the finishing touches to an oil portrait of Frank DeMartino. Brian Earle, a musician from Ithaca, NY is doing the informal interview and operating the I-phone video camera.

Keeler Mid Stage of Frank Portrait Blue Heron Gallery

Stonington, Maine - Harbor View in oil

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